At Osheaga the safety and well-being of festivalgoers is our top priority which is why we are proud to have Les Hirondelles on the site once again this year.


Who are Les Hirondelles?

Les Hirondelles intervention teams, formed of specialized responders, some of them in sexology, are security squads with the mission of increasing the safety of women and vulnerable persons during the fesival. The members of this mobile squad are easily identifiable thanks to the logo representing swallows (“hirondelles”) displayed on both the armbands of the agents, on posters indicating their presence and near the specially installed quiet spaces.


The mission of Les Hirondelles?

To educate, to prevent, and to act in the face of various forms of sexual harassment and aggression against women and marginalised people at festivals and other events. Don't hesitate to ask them for help or go to them with any questions at all. They specialise in sexology and have also received the appropriate training offered by West Island CALACS.


Services offered by Les Hirondelles:


How can you find them on site? They are identifiable by their pink shirts. Can’t find them? Ask the nearest security guard and they will contact them. Les Hirondelles will be working together with our security team in order to ensure the safety of all festival-goers.


What is Sexual Aggression?

This term is much wider than we think! In short, it includes all acts of sexual nature committed by an individual without the consent of the other individual. It doesn't necessarily refer to only physical contact.


Types of sexual aggression:


Sexual aggression can happen to anyone, no matter their age, gender or culture and every aggression should be denounced.


Need help once you've left the festival site? You're not alone!

Please call the hotline: 1-888-933-9007 

More info for women: www.calacsdelouest.ca

More info for all: www.aggressionssexuelles.gouv.qc.ca