OSHEAGA takes great pride in presenting the work of well-known and emerging artists. Their installations enhance the festival-going experience year after year.


Franco Égalité

Franco Égalité is an illustrator and artist who lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Raised by his single mother, he learned to hold a pen and draw a line before walking on his own two feet.Franco E.’s sensual and captivating drawings take us into a world where the body plays and exposes itself freely. Although he claims to be influenced by human experience, sunlight, cubism, and the aesthetic concept of Japanese Ma, he presents a vibrant and colourful graphic universe that takes on unique connotations. A range of emotions and ideas are offered to us, free to escape into these sublimated bodies.

Franco Égalité is also the artist behind the visual identity for the 2023 edition of OSHEAGA.

See his work at the Casino de Montréal GOLD Terrace.


Borrris is a multidisciplinary artist from the former Yugoslavia. Driven to democratize art, he has created murals in Quebec and Canada. Inspired by the great currents of modern art and illustration, he navigates between abstract and figuration to tell human stories through images. His personal practice tends more toward geometric abstraction, which leaves room for the viewer's imagination to complete the reading.

See his work at the OSHEAGA Letters on the hill.


Facies is a French-Canadian artist specializing in Calligraffiti: an enchanting blend of Calligraphy (with its curves) and urban culture (with Graffiti). Her work is mainly inspired by Arabic calligraphy, with strokes reminiscent of the calamus. Through her work, she aims to create visual stories where abstraction, immersion, detail and moments of reflection meet. With over 30 murals between Europe and Canada and more than a dozen live painting performances, the pleasure of meeting the public is a fundamental part of her work.

Kezna Dalz

Kezna Dalz is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal. Her work is recognized by its raw lines and bright colors. Her recurring themes arefeminism, the fight against racism, popular culture, and sexuality. She tackles sometimes difficult subjects by making them accessible with a soft pastel universe with naive lines. She painted a piece for the 2022 and 2023 editions of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal and the 2022 edition of OSHEAGA.

See her work on the Small OSHEAGA Letters at the Halte.

Marie-Claude Marquis

Marie-Claude Marquis is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist whose practice touches upon visual arts, graphic design, and installation. She finds inspiration in vintage objects, pop culture, nostalgia, contemporary feminist perspectives and her own emotions which she expresses with colourful sensitivity. With whip-smart typographical interventions, the result of her work is often humorous, sometimes irreverent, but always keeps a focus on aesthetics . Her work has been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue (Portugal).

Creative Lab

The different transition zones will be illuminated by CR34TE, a company specialized in the development of lighting products and experience creation. The festive spirit of the scenes will be highlighted throughout the site, thanks to the illuminated paths.

Music on Paper

Exhibit commissionned by Pat Hamou

Music On Paper celebrates the unique art of screenprinted music posters by showcasing work by some of the field’s best visual artists. Since posters are officially commissioned by the bands themselves, creativity and expression are key to modern-day posters, a movement that gains popularity with each passing year.